Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It’s About The Journey, Not The Destination

It’s hard to believe that the last time I posted, Terry was just getting ready to leave. He departed Charlotte on December 28th and made it safely to Argentina. His real journey began when he and his team hiked to the first campsite, Las Lenas, where they brought in the new year Aconcagua style.

From there, the team walked to Casa de Piedra, crossed the Vacas River (with the aid of mules), and arrived at the base of the Relinchos Valley. By the end of the fourth day, they reached 13,800’ and base camp, the place to call home for the next few days. 
On January 6th, the team reached Camp One, which is 16,500’ in elevation, and had to hunker down and wait out the bad weather higher up the mountain.

Unfortunately, the weather never improved and forced the team to return to base camp on January 10th. The decision to not attempt to summit was a difficult one, I’m sure, but the safety of the team was paramount for this expedition. Just yesterday, January 12th, Terry made it back to the first campsite at Las Lenas.

I cannot wait to hear all the stories he has to share! I hope to be able to post a few of them here…maybe even with a photo or two.

Terry will be remaining in Argentina a little while longer as he and his wife, Amanda, had planned to celebrate their 1 year anniversary together there. Thankfully, she was able to change her flight to be with him a few days earlier since he returned earlier than expected. We wish them both a relaxing and enjoyable time together.

Oh, and as an update on the fundraising efforts…we have reached $14, 043! You guys are amazing! Thank you! I would love, love, love to tell him we raised $1 for every foot he climbed and it’s not too late to donate! If you or someone you know would like to get an early start on their 2016 tax-deductible donations, click on the DONATE button above.

"Broken down to the core then built back up stronger."
                                                                         -Terry Robertson